Intelligent knowledge extraction

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To become a daily reality, the digital revolution cannot forget the integration of the information contained in texts as a full component of the digital information systems. To know more.


GEOLSemantics developed an innovative technology for multilingual semantic analysis: the semantic profiling. The innovations of GEOLSemantics allow the identification of the relevant information within a text. To know more.


The solutions of GEOLSemantics allow the companies to verify that they comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To know more.

About us


Created in 2009, GEOLSemantics is an innovative software publisher in the world of information technologies and communication and particularly in the domains of the linguistics and of the semantics. GEOLSemantics solutions analyze the contents of texts to identify, normalize and structure the relevant information to return them directly usable by automatic processes, bringing the answers suited to the business objectives. To know more

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